The Spyder Murphy Band, LLC The Spyder Murphy Band, LLC

For more than 21 years the Spyder Murphy Band has been rockin' the NJ / NY area with high-engery funk, soul, dance, rock, Motown and party classics. Spyder Murphy will get you to get on up and "Shake your booty!" From weddings on Martha's Vineyard to block parties & frat parties, from clubs in Manhattan to corporate conventions 'cross country Spyder Murphy has made the party happen.

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Chris "C Unit" Remetz
Chris Remetz - Keyboards, vocals
Yahira "Lady Yaya" Festa
Yahira Festa - Vocals, Latin percussion
Ken "Kenny G" Magro

Ken Magro - Bass, vocals

Rich "Richie Rich" Sacher
Rich Sacher - Guitar, vocals
Len Oppenberg - Drums, vocals
Photo coming soon
Ellen Remetz - Vocals
Photo coming soon
Guest Stars - Alto & tenor sax, flute


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The Spyder Murphy Band